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What are the franchisee businesses with an investment of 5 lakhs?

QuestionsCategory: franchiseWhat are the franchisee businesses with an investment of 5 lakhs?
k.diksha Staff asked 4 weeks ago

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k.diksha Staff answered 4 weeks ago

An amazing question, that is one of the most commonly asked questions on Quora. Majority of our clients ask this vague question out of curiosity and anxiousness to know more about low-cost business investments.
Although ₹5 lakhs is a decent budget to start a business, the real question would cover the industry of interest with the targeted location to set up the business.
We at always assist aspiring entrepreneurs with a Psychometric assessment that is based on 16 personality traits. The result of which can help you in the identification of potential business sectors.
Once decided, we can assist you in selecting the right type of business for you that could either be a franchise, a channel partnership or a Turnkey project based out of an idea.
Though, your question is about businesses under ₹5 lakhs, so my answer to it is as follows:-

  • An FnB franchise under the kiosk model
  • Value Added Reseller for if you understand the technology
  • Can take the distributorship of Fruitculture bakery packed products
  • B2B fan distribution of Atomberg
  • Sooji rusk in a premium category from Jai-G
  • Can set up a Business Suvidha Kendra with FranTiger

and a lot more can be done under the given budget. Kindly read my previous answers similar to this question to get even more clarity.

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