What are some good April Fool’s day pranks?

  • For the computer geek: Install a script that automatically activates on 4/1 that turns the monitor display upside down.
  • Either put tape over a sink sprayer or fold blankets so family member gets stuck in bed pocket. First you fold the back of the sheet up, then the other like you usually would. Then when you get in, your stuck in a pocket.
  • Pretend you broke your arm and put a cast on it. Then if you are in school let your friends sign it in your class. everyone will feel sorry for you . The next day wear a jacket with your fake broken arm in the sleeve. Swing it really hard then people will start asking you ” Isn’t that your broken arm” or something else. Give out the big surprise ” APRIL FOOLS!”
  • Well today, I faked a letter to my sister, and it said that she won a car, and as many free driving lessons as she wants (shes 18 in November), it was funny!
  • You could use a prank phone call, where you listen to the call, although it costs, I used it once, it was good, and so worth it
  • Tape a penny to the hole in the bathroom faucet, stand back and watch the family go swimming in the sink!
    • 1. Saying that the teacher is absent and then say: Haha Aprils Fool.
    • 2. Even better one you can get fake flies and maybe have salad that night.
  • Here is a phone prank I invented: (Since most phones have caller ID) call a number you KNOW does NOT accept anonymous calls, BUT DIAL STAR 67 ANYWAY (which makes you a anonymous caller) TO COMPLETE THE PRANK. When you do this, you will be given two options: 1 option is too continue the call but your number will show your number. DO NOT PRESS 1! The other option is if you press 2, then enter the number you want to show up on the persons caller ID, then press pound: example: 800 967 5569 #. TYPE IN A 800 NUMBER AND PRETEND YOUR A CREDITOR SO THEY THINK YOU ARE. Tell them that they have an overdue bill for however much money. For example, if they are a member of Costco, pretend your the Head of Billing at the Costco Financial Department. Don’t forget to disguise your voice. AND REMEMBER TO TELL THEM IT WAS YOU LATER
  • When your mom packs your sister a water bottle for school, replace it with vinegar.

Ok on the breaking your arm one up top fall on it at recess and lay on the ground like you hurt it again and when a teacher runs over to you pop up quick and say it feels better and you are going to walk it of. Then you run around and throw footballs to make her confused.
P.S. if someone has a broken arm do not do it!

  • Fold a ketchup packet in half and put it under the toilet seat that way when someone sits on the toilet they will get a splat

COMPUTERS (biblography: aprilfoolzone.com it is hilarious)
• If the victim uses Microsoft Word, go into the victim’s computer and change the auto-correct feature so it misspells common words. Just open Word, choose “AutoCorrect Options” from the Tools menu, and have it replace common words like “the” and “and” with wacky words like “eggplant” or “Uranus.” Be creative.

• Sneak onto your victim’s computer and change their default font color to white. This will cause momentary confusion as their writing will suddenly be invisible.

• First, take a screen shot of the victim’s desktop (press the “Print Screen” button). Then open up a Paint program and press “Paste.” Save the image in bitmap format and quit Paint. Set this image to be the Desktop background image (right-click on the desktop, choose Properties, click the “Display” tab, press the “Browse” button, find your image, hit “Open,” then “OK”). Finally, hide all the desktop icons (right-click on the desktop, choose “Arrange Icons By,” then unclick “Show Desktop Items.” Now their desktop will look normal, but when they try to click on the icons nothing will happen!

and this is not a computer

•short-sheet the bed.
One of the Pranks I did today was put 3 drops of green food coloring in my sisters cup of milk. I yelled April Fools! and she look at the milk and started laughing/crying. I was at 6 making these jokes happen.

I did one on my mom when she came down she’s all “I’m off limits” We hung a snake (toy) by ribbon in my fridge and put a bunch Lego guys and bugs too. My brother and I ran out to the trampoline as fast as we could. We bounced until we heard her scream. WE ran in laughing and she was too. Just not hysterically, we have a APRIL FOOLS sign in there she crumbled up and threw away.
put your siblings toothbrush in salt, and get it wet so that it disolves. when the salt mixes with the toothpaste it will taste gross

This is the ultimate, most awesome, hilarious, best joke to do on ANYONE!!! It will work better if your victim is really buff and strong and acts like he is so awesome. Like a marine or army or navy guy.

Step One:
When they are asleep, grab a video recorder (optional, but you would want to see this over and over again!), shaving cream, a feather or something thin and ticklish, decorative supplies, and that’s all!

Step Two:
Rub the shaving cream near the victim’s *nose, and face. Next decorate his face! Put red powder for blush, draw something into the cream, BE CREATIVE! Careful not to laugh or this joke is off!

Step Three:
It’s the funniest step! Scream, “There are slugs all over your face!” while tickling the feather at the nose! You can yell anything else that is slimy like worms, saliva, anything! It will startle the victim and he will smack his face! This will get shaving cream all over him! He will be so confused!


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