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Kindly attempt all the following questions, to test your business Acumen.

Please Note:- There are no right or wrong answers. You will be marked, on the basis of your decision making. Answer marked once, cannot be changed. Think it over my friend, choice is yours.

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1) Only about 35% of startups make it 5 years. What is the number 1 reason that companies fail?
2) You are an employee at Apple and have the responsibility of managing the inventory in your local retail store. Which of the following is NOT considered a challenge of having excess inventory?
3) You work at WATTSAY.COM and your CEO says that the company is going to focus on growing its revenues inorganically. This could mean...
4) You are an employee for Dare2web Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. Which of the following is NOT a way you can help increase company profits?
5) Which of the following is NOT considered a sign of a company growing too fast
6) What is the one thing that is hardest to replicate in a company?
7) Use the simple income statement below to calculate the company's Net Profit Margin

Total Revenue - Rs.100
Cost of Goods Sold - Rs.67
Gross Profit - Rs.33
Operating Expenses - Rs.20
Operating Income - Rs.13
Interest & Taxes - Rs.3
Net Income - Rs.10
8) Which of the following scenarios NEGATIVELY impacts cash flow?
9) What is the difference between profit and cash flow?
10) You are the CEO of your established company. Which of the following methods of generating cash flow would you prefer the most?

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