Team presentations and distance presentations : A pictorial representation

Team Presentations


Distance presentations

What is team presentation?

  • A well-coordinated, persuasive presentation by a cohesive group of speakers who are trying to influence an audience of key decision makers
  • A team presentation is not a collection of individual speeches; it is a team product.

Why team presentations?

  • It helps individuals to know their strengths and weakness’ and how efficiently they can gel with different people.
  • Helps in answering questions by addressing two important issues.
  • “Are these people we can work with over the long term?”
  • “Are we trusting our critical project to just one person?”

3 Ingredients(pre-requisites) of Great Team Presentations

  • Clarity
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Clarity of Roles
  • Clarity of Message
  • Control
  • Control Introductions
  • Control Transitions
  • Control Time and Space
  • Commitment
  • Commit to a Schedule
  • Commit to Rehearsing
  • Commit to Answering Your Audience’s Questions

Disadvantages of Team presentation

  • Personality Extremes
  • Unequal Responsibility
  • Too Many Voices
  • Giving Proper Credit
  • Coordination/Preparation

Distance Presentation

  • When your audience is not in the same room as you are, and you are connecting with them over multi media is known as distance presentation.

Social and institutional impact

of distance presentation

  • Impact on education
  • Distance education-provides students with the opportunity to learn by participating in two-way communication forums
  • Impact on business
  • Enable individuals in distant locations to participate in meetings on short notice, with time and money savings
  • Impact on media relations
  • To participate in international press conferences on developmental and good governance issues.

Traditional distance presentation procedure

  • Involves two sites, local site and remote site
  • Speaker delivers presentations in the local site, which is streamed in the remote site
  • PowerPoint slides served as the medium

Advantages of Distance presentations

  • Geographical location
  • Family Obligations
  • Work Obligations
  • Economic Limitations

Challenges in distance presentations

  • Requires reliable access to technology
    • The ‘Distance’ feeling
      • Technological Interruptions
        • Lack of community and relationships
          • Difficulty in clearing doubts

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