Should Indian Railways be privatized?

Should Indian Railways be privatized?

In my opinion, Indian railways should get privatized, taking present public sector undertakings’ scenario in consideration. If we undergo the brief history of its operations in India, after being publicized, Indian Railways has become a gigantic mammoth, which any of the government that comes to power is unable to optimize.

I am in total agreement of its privatization, as it might improve the present drastic conditions of Asia’s biggest employer. This is a great way to increase the transportation in all areas, even there’s different transportation systems, this railway would be an enormous benefit in the country, for small or long rides for every one in need, you can even find a direct way from hanoi to hue. So  if I would have given a chance to re-frame Indian railways, I would have privatized the organization. That would surely improve the present situation, in various ways, which are as follows, but not limited to:

  1. Best in the Industry Infrastructure
  2. Security will be improved
  3. Expense wise- cabins/class in new trains
  4. Proper sanitation and Hygienic environment
  5. Better cash-flow strategies and operations.
  6. Eminent personalities on board of directors
  7. Third party hindrance will be negligible
  8. Sense of ownership in Public as well as employees

Indian Railways have always been in limelight, when it comes to foreign investments. Following the legacy if on privatization, Investment takes place, one can easily imagine the ways, the expectations of Investors will be proven worthy.

On the other hand, if we look into the cons of its privatization, it can slightly increase the travel fares, that might hurt common man, in either way. Though government increases fares every now and then in Railways budget.

Unlike DGCA, an active authority in civil aviation, Indian Railways should be governed entirely by board of directors and their appointed personnel. Separate departments for every need viz. Pantry, Bed roll, Ticketing, Sanitation, Vendor management etc.

Resources allocation would be done through quality basis not on first come first serve or traditional tender system. If Indian railways get private funding it will improve the productivity in many folds. Not only the services will improve, the profits and brand image will shine.

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