Who are the Internet governing bodies?

QuestionsCategory: Information Technology and SystemsWho are the Internet governing bodies?
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In addition to the below agencies some W3C ( World Wide Web Consortium ) , which is the body responsible for the regulation and develop standards for the World Wide Web ( WWW ) . WWW is often considered to be the same as the Internet as a whole , although it is actually a part of the Internet application is arguably the most important . W3C is currently headed by Tim Berners Lee , the creator of the World Wide Web .

  • Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI)

–IAMAI is the only specialized industry body in India representing the interests of online and mobile value added services industry.

  • Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI)

–ISPAI is the collective voice of the ISP fraternity and by extension the entire Internet community. Over the years ISPAI has helped influence, shape and mould the telecom policies, so that ISPs and entrepreneurs in the business of Internet can setup and grow their services in an environment that is supportive and enabling.
Following are the bodies responsible for standardization in order to control and regulate the Internet is still going and growing for the better :

1 . International Internet Society ( ISOC )

Is a professional body with membership open to anyone whether personal , corporate , university , and government . ISOC is the body that the Internet facilitates , supports , and promotes the use of and access to the Internet . The agency is dealing not only with the technical aspects , but also aspects of political , social , educational , economic , etc. from the internet . ISOC aims to ensure the development of an open Internet , so that the evolution and use of the Internet can be beneficial for all human beings on earth .

2 . Internet Architecture Board ( IAB )

Is a coordinating body and the technical advisor of the ISOC . The agency acts as a technical review and editorial end all Internet standards . IAB has the authority to issue the document known as the Internet standard RFC ( Request For Comment ) created by the IETF , IEEE and other organizations are entitled to make a proposal . Another task of the IAB is to arrange the numbers and constants used in the Internet protocol ( TCP port numbers , IP protocol codes , etc. ) .

3 . Internet Engineering Task Force ( IETF )

Is a unit under the IAB is comprised of people who are concentrating to develop applications and future Internet architecture . The agency is tasked to establish an Internet standard . One of its tasks is published RFC ( Request For Comment ) over a proposed standard protocol or by a person for comment by the public with the consent of the IAB . Website is http://www.ietf.org . The IETF is divided into nine working groups ( eg applications , routing and addressing , computer security ) .

4 . Institute of Electrical and Electronic Enginering ( IEEE )

IEEE stands initially is Institute of Electrical and Electronic Enginering ( in Indonesian means Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ) is actually an extension is no longer used , the official name of the agency is currently only IEEE alone . IEEE composed of many experts in the field of engineering that promotes development of standards and act as a party to accelerate new technologies in every aspect of industry and engineering which includes telecommunications , computer networks , electrical , aerospace and electronics . The purpose of the IEEE is developing technologies to enhance human dignity .

5 . Internet Research Task Force ( IRTF )

IRTF is the agency that has a research orientation in short-term and long-term on Internet protocols , applications , architecture and technology of the Internet . IRTF is below IAB unit . Website is http://www.irtf.org

6 . Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ( IANA )

IANA charge of fixing problems Internet protocol parameters , such as IP address space and the Domain Name System ( DNS ) . IANA also acted as the supreme authority to regulate the governing root DNS database DNS information center , also specify the IP address of autonomous systems in the Internet network . IANA operates under ISOC and is also part of the IAB is funded by the U.S. government . Due to the increasing use of the Internet IANA will be replaced by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ( ICANN ) is an international nonprofit agency .

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