What is CQWL and PQWL in train ticket?

QuestionsCategory: IndiaWhat is CQWL and PQWL in train ticket?
Arun Singh asked 5 years ago
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Ankush Mehrotra Staff answered 5 years ago

Some abbreviations mentioned below will let you understand the reservation status of your respective railway ticket.
CAN/MOD: Ticket Cancelled or Modified by Passenger
RAC: Reservation Against Cancellation
CNF: Confirmed
WL: Waiting List
CK: Tatkal Quota
CKWL: Tatkal Waiting List
PQWL: Pooled Quota Waiting List
GNWL: General Waiting List
REGRET/WL: No More Booking Allowed/Permitted
RLWL: Remote Location Waiting List

suraj answered 2 years ago

The most preferred way to check your reservation status using your PNR number is through online website for checking PNR status and train status, Spotyourtrain.info. To check your PNR status, click on PNR Status tab and enter ten digit PNR number in the specified box. You will get to know your current reservation status.
Types of IRCTC and Indian railways reservation tickets and their conformation priority

  • General waiting list (GNWL) : It has the highest priority of conformation as one gets a GNWL ticket when the start of journey is close to source station and end of journey is close to destination station.
  • Tatkal waiting list (CKWL) : If one books his/her ticket under tatkal quota, then CKWL is generated. Since first GNWL ticket is always confirmed, CKWL ticket has a lower chance of conformation.
  • CNF (Confirmed booking): The reservation is confirmed and the seat has been booked on your ticket for your journey.
  • RAC (Reservation against cancellation): One will have to share a single seat with a co-passenger. If the other passenger cancels ticket, the birth will be booked or confirmed for the other.
  • WL# (Waiting list): The ticket has not been confirmed for the journey.
  • REGRET/WL : This appears when no more booking is allowed.
Ashish answered 2 years ago

these terms full form are
genreal waiting list
tatkal waiting list
pooled quota waiting list and many more
if you want to pnr status you can get the clearing of all those things before confirming a ticket.

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