What do I need to teach online?

QuestionsCategory: BusinessWhat do I need to teach online?
Shivam Singhal Staff asked 4 years ago

I want to teach students online, what all requirements, I need to fulfill before starting it.

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MyIQ Staff Staff answered 4 years ago

In order to teach online, you would require following:

  1. Reliable broadband Internet connection.
  2. A video calling software viz. Skype, Viber
  3. A screen sharing software viz. Teamviewer, Microsoft Lync
  4. A digital writing pad with stylus

And you are good to go.

  1. Follow the procedure below to take classes:
  2. Call your student online, and make a video call
  3. Connect your digital pad and start notepad provided as a bundle with pad.
  4. Share your screen
  5. Start scribbling on pad, and your student can learn with face to face interaction
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