What are the legal requirements to start a factory in India?

QuestionsCategory: BusinessWhat are the legal requirements to start a factory in India?
Ankush Mehrotra asked 5 years ago
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MyIQ Staff Staff answered 5 years ago

Update:- GST registration will supersede the taxation laws

I will be giving few legal requirement to start a factory.
1.you should make a plan for factory with map and get it approved from factories dept and take license.
2.Take SSI certificate and pollution NOC
3.ESI and PF codes are also required.
4.prepare standing orders and get them certified from DLC
5.take fire NOC
7.you have to take air and water consent from pollution dept.
8.take sale tax number.

Apart from above following doc are required:-

1.Permission from Explosive Dept.( If storing of HSD)
2.PAN No.
3.TIN No.
4.Certificate of Labour employing by Labour Dept.( It’s for once time)
5.Building Permission from Local Panchayat(Lay out approal)
6.License from Local Panchayat
7.NOC from Local Panchayat
8.Police Clearance
9.Permission to take from Electrical Dept. for advance to applying Electrical connection
10.Agriculture Land should be convert to Non Agriculture from DC concerned District.

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