What are the features in a good Point of sale software

QuestionsCategory: Information Technology and SystemsWhat are the features in a good Point of sale software
akashsingh asked 2 years ago

I run an retail shop and i want to install a POS billing software to manage my billing system and inventory efficiently. What features can i find in a good
POS billing software

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sumitsrivastav answered 2 years ago

Now a days billing system in retail and other service providers has moved to advanced level of doing it by using the POS billing software. If you want install a POS billing software then COZY POS is one of the leading POS billing software system available in India. Cozy POS billing software can be used in restaurant,retail,salon etc which has optional cloud portal also. The Reports are web portal access for remote outlet management, multiple outlet management and can be used on Windows,Linux,Android and ios platforms. It has various features included like employee management,customer management,inventory tracking,expense tracking etc.

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