What are security monitors?

QuestionsCategory: Information Technology and SystemsWhat are security monitors?
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Ankush Mehrotra answered 5 years ago

Security monitoring practices are not open to consideration for businesses that are governed by regulatory restrictions—they are a requirement. These same regulations may even control how long and in what way security monitoring records must be kept and archived. The ever-changing regulatory environment and continually increasing demands placed on regulated businesses to secure their networks, track the identification of people who access resources, and protect private information places greater demands on businesses around the world to institute effective security monitoring solutions.
Attacks launched from inside a business network have a very high potential for damage, especially if performed by personnel who hold trusted positions and who have access to all the network resources within a company. When the risks posed by both external and internal threats are carefully examined, many businesses decide to research systems that can monitor networks and detect attacks wherever they may originate.
By the following operations’ framework, security can be monitored:

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