Transfer bike from Maharashtra(Pune) to Karnataka(Bangalore)?

QuestionsCategory: IndiaTransfer bike from Maharashtra(Pune) to Karnataka(Bangalore)?
Arun Singh asked 4 years ago

I need to bring my Maharashtra R.T.O(MH) registered bike to Bangalore,Karnataka R.T.O(KA) .I will be staying here only for about 6 months.So ,what is the procedure.Do I need to pay Road Tax in Bangalore?and if yes,How much road tax needs to be payed?The vehicle is a August 2009 Bajaj Avenger.Do I have to get a N.O.C from Maharashtra R.T.O and provide it to Karnataka authorities while paying the taxes.Are those taxes refundable?Please do mention how much tax I need to pay or if there is any other procedure for this…Thanks
Update 1: Once I have the NOC from my State,what is the procedure which I need to do at the Karnataka R.T.O?I did check their website but hardly understood anything.

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Sajal Bagchi answered 2 years ago

Hi Shakti, can you tell me the process for the same? and also the contact detail of road transporter. Did you get your bike number change from MH to KA?

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