Transfer bike from Maharashtra(Pune) to Karnataka(Bangalore)?

QuestionsCategory: IndiaTransfer bike from Maharashtra(Pune) to Karnataka(Bangalore)?
Arun Singh asked 5 years ago

I need to bring my Maharashtra R.T.O(MH) registered bike to Bangalore,Karnataka R.T.O(KA) .I will be staying here only for about 6 months.So ,what is the procedure.Do I need to pay Road Tax in Bangalore?and if yes,How much road tax needs to be payed?The vehicle is a August 2009 Bajaj Avenger.Do I have to get a N.O.C from Maharashtra R.T.O and provide it to Karnataka authorities while paying the taxes.Are those taxes refundable?Please do mention how much tax I need to pay or if there is any other procedure for this…Thanks
Update 1: Once I have the NOC from my State,what is the procedure which I need to do at the Karnataka R.T.O?I did check their website but hardly understood anything.

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MyIQ Staff Staff answered 5 years ago


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