Transfer bike from Maharashtra(Pune) to Karnataka(Bangalore)?

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Arun Singh asked 5 years ago

I need to bring my Maharashtra R.T.O(MH) registered bike to Bangalore,Karnataka R.T.O(KA) .I will be staying here only for about 6 months.So ,what is the procedure.Do I need to pay Road Tax in Bangalore?and if yes,How much road tax needs to be payed?The vehicle is a August 2009 Bajaj Avenger.Do I have to get a N.O.C from Maharashtra R.T.O and provide it to Karnataka authorities while paying the taxes.Are those taxes refundable?Please do mention how much tax I need to pay or if there is any other procedure for this…Thanks
Update 1: Once I have the NOC from my State,what is the procedure which I need to do at the Karnataka R.T.O?I did check their website but hardly understood anything.

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Anonymous answered 5 years ago

No need for road tax and re registration process if you are here for just six months, its required if your stay exceeds more than a year.
Update:Exclusively in Karnataka, you are required to pay Life time tax, once you have stayed for more than a month.

Just have NOC from your local RTO along with other docs that’s it…For more info refer the url below and click on the FAQ’s….

Anonymous answered 5 years ago

Procedure for obtaining the police certificate

  1. Write an application addressed to ‘Deputy/Assistant commissioner of police, Detective Department’ in duplicate mentioned that you need to move your vehicle to another state under the registration authority of the place you are moving to. Also mention the registration No. of your vehicle and that you have paid the fee and attaching the receipt of the same. List all the attachment at the end.
  2. Attach the Photocopy of RC, Identity proof, and receipt of the fee paid to one of the application.
  3. Submit the same to the counter assigned at the crime branch cell of the police control room.
  4. Submit another application to one more counter meant for verifying as to whether any pending issues are there related to your vehicle.
  5. The certificate issued by the crime branch cell stating that the vehicle is not the stolen one would be given as told by the person at the counter.

 * Pls note that some guidelines may be different from one RTO to other.

shakti answered 3 years ago

Last month we transported the bike from MH To KA with help of a bike transporter he help me out to get the process done.

Sajal Bagchi answered 3 years ago

Hi Shakti, can you tell me the process for the same? and also the contact detail of road transporter. Did you get your bike number change from MH to KA?

Imran khan answered 5 months ago

Hii i have an honda crv 2007 model sale value is 1806873 was value in 2007 its 2400 cc private white board car maharastra registered jalgaon if i want my honda crv 2007 to be transferred to karnataka bangalore how much road tax should i pay??

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