My lesson from Richard Branson ~ Income = Incoming


My lesson from Richard Branson ~ Income = Incoming

I was on Richard’s private island, Necker Island, last week, and was lucky enough to have a week with the Billionaire. Here’s one conversation we had that stuck with me…

We were talking about problems with money. Richard is a self-professed dyslexic, and it turns out his mix up extends to numbers. He said “Today I was speaking to some of my finance team. They were talking about some idea which would mean $25,000 from some 1,000,000 people. So I got out my note book and began multiplying the two together. It ended up with a lot of zeros. It was a little embarrassing because I had to ask them ‘Does that make billions or trillions?’”

Of course I laughed while wondering if he was being serious or just joking (it turned out it was a bit of both). I asked “So if you don’t like numbers, how do you make your businesses so financially successful?”

He replied “It’s really all about people, not numbers. I just look for great people. As for the money, I just make sure the numbers coming in are generally bigger than the numbers going out, and then everything tends to take care of itself.”

So what’s the lesson from a billionaire?

To me, it was that he doesn’t see income. He sees incoming.

Many of us are so busy at the outcome, we miss the income. Many of us are so busy with our output, we miss the input. Richard Branson is a master of flow, and as long as the flow feels positive, he can focus on the important things in life.

What could you do today to grow your incoming? Incoming connections, incoming relations, incoming talent. Attract the best people, with the best input, and the rest will take care of itself.

When we focus on the inside instead of outside, input instead of output, income instead of outcome, we’re more likely to inspire instead of expire…

Roger X

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