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1. Which one of these variables is a binomial random variable?
2. which of the following is a correct statement?
3. Let A and B be events such that P (A) = 0.7 and P (B) = 0.9. Calculate the largest possible value of P (A ∪ B) − P (A ∩ B).
4. A randomly selected sample of 400 students at a university with 15-week semesters was asked whether or not they think the semester should be shortened to 14 weeks (with longer classes). Forty six percent (46%) of the 400 students surveyed answered "yes." Which one of the following statements about the number 46% is correct?
5. If you are told a population has a mean of 25 and a variance of 0, what must you conclude?
6. A Tyre Company stocks three brands of tyre: brand X; brand Y and brand Z. 40% are Brand X, 35% are brand Y and 25% are brand Z. The percentage of defective tyres are 2% of brand X, 1% of brand Y and 3% of brand Z. If a tyre is picked at random what is the probability that it is defective?
7. Suppose that the probability of event A is 0.2 and the probability of event B is 0.4. Also, suppose that the two events are independent. Then P(A|B) is:
8. Which of the following is not a property of a binomial experiment?
9. Which one of these variables is a continuous random variable?
10. 4. Which of the following measures of central tendency tends to
be most influenced by an extreme score?

11. A workforce consists of seven workers. How many different three worker teams is it possible to select?
12. If two events (both with probability greater than 0) are mutually exclusive, then
13. An experiment consists of making 80 telephone calls in order to sell a particular insurance policy. The random variable in this experiment is a
14. Nearly all the distributions are special cases of Poisson distribution
15. Suppose that a quiz consists of 20 True-False questions. A student hasn't studied for the exam and will just randomly guesses at all answers (with True and False equally likely). How would you find the probability that the student will get 8 or fewer answers correct?

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