Introductions, Greetings and Conversations : A pictorial presentation

Rules of Introduction

•         Stand up

•         Smile

•         Always shake hands firmly.

•         Make eye contact.

•         Repeat other person’s name.

How to introduce a client to your Manager:

•         Look at and say the customer’s name first.

•         Then look at your Manager say his/her name.


“Aparna, I would like you to meet

our department manager, Akarsh Jaiswal”

Other Introduction Rules:

•         When appropriate, repeat their names and try to mention something of mutual interest.

•         Example:

   “Mr. HARISH, our company vice president Mr.AKARSH, is also a graduate of Christ University.”

•         Business introductions are based on rank rather than gender.

Conversation Rules:

•         Avoid swear words and vulgar references

•         Poor communicating skill is not professional

•         Avoid personal questions during first meeting.

•         Whoever gets to the door first should open it.

•         Turn off your cell phone.

Body language.

*           A person’s posture, facial expressions, and gestures send messages.

*           Eye contact is the most obvious way you communicate. When you are looking at the other person, you show interest

*           Where you place your arms suggests how receptive you. Arms crossed or folded over your chest say that you have shut other people out and have no interest in them or what they are saying.

*           Legs talk, too. A lot of movement indicates nervousness.

Mixing and Mingling

Question 1-May I address a business person by his/her first name?

•         Answer: Only if the person requests that you do so.

Question 2- When a man is introduced to a woman in a business setting, who should initiate the handshake?

•        Answer: Either one—times have changed!

Question 3-Is it appropriate for me to be on a first name basis with my supervisor?

•        Answer: It is the preference of the person being addressed. When in doubt, use the person’s last name.

Question 4-What is the best way to remember the name of someone I have just met?

•        Answer: Repeat the person’s name, and try to use the name at least once during your conversation.

Question 5-What do I do if I forget a person’s name?

•        Answer: Welcome the person with a handshake, and reintroduce yourself. (In most cases the person will respond with his/her name.)

Question 6-What do I do if someone addresses me by the wrong name?

•        Answer: Simply restate your name.

The five Commonly Made Business Introduction Faux Pas

•                          Wearing your name tag on the left   rather than the right side.

Faux Pas (cont.)

•                          Remaining seated rather than standing when someone approaches you.

Faux Pas (cont.)

•                          Not repeating the name of the person you’ve just met and using it at least once during the conversation.

Faux Pas (cont.)

•                          For men: shaking a woman’s “fingers” rather than her hand.

•                          For a woman: giving a “dead fish” handshake, rather than one that is firm.


Proper Introduction, Greetings and Conversation are essentials of a good business communication which contributes to following:

•        Builds Strong Relationships

•        Promotes Positive Atmosphere

•        Reflects Confidence

•        Prevents Misunderstandings


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