Infographic Statistics over ERP Failure Rate

The Robbins-Gioia Survey (2001)

Robbins-Gioia, LLC, a provider of management consulting services located in Alexandria – Virginia, made a study over the perception by enterprises of their implementation of an E.R.P. (Enterprise Resource Planning) package.

infographic by: Ankush Atul Mehrotra

infographic by: Ankush Atul Mehrotra

Survey Scope

232 survey respondents spanning multiple industries including government, Information Technology, communications, financial, utilities, and healthcare.

A total of 36 % of the companies surveyed had, or were in the process of, implementing an ERP system.

Key Findings

51 % viewed their ERP implementation as unsuccessful
46 % of the participants noted that while their organization had an ERP system in place, or was implementing a system, they did not feel their organization understood how to use the system to improve the way they conduct business.
56 % of survey respondents noted their organization has a program management office (PMO) in place, and of these respondents, only 36 % felt their ERP implementation was unsuccessful

Comments on the Robins-Gioia Survey

Project failure is not defined by objective criteria but by the perception of the respondents. The advantage of a perception is that it naturally integrates multiple aspects. Its obvious disadvantage is that it is inevitably partial: if the respondent has taken an active role in the project it will inevitably embellish the reality, whereas if the project has been “forced down his throat” he might cast a grimmer look at the project outcome.

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