How much does corner house franchise cost outside Bangalore?

How much does corner house franchise cost outside Bangalore?

Answer by Ankush Mehrotra:

If you are looking for a franchise option for a food & beverages store that caters to the premium range like ice creams, you can have a look at various options that are readily available and are good to start with.

If you are looking for corner house, I can assist you with the brand acquisition. Apart from corner house, there are several options like Papa cream, Oh so stoned, Giani’s and Haagen-Dazs which you can look at. Get in touch with me for the same.

Most suitable franchise of a brand, which suits your profile will be the most profitable for you. I can help you understand the financials of the brand as well as the next 5 year projection of your probable business feasibility.

If you are looking for a franchise opportunity, specifically in any of the following sectors:-

Food & Beverages, Education, Health & Wellness, Retail, Entertainment, Business services or e-commerce.

kindly connect with me. I can help you map the best opportunity for your success in business.

I have helped various investors, understanding their requirements and the passion they are ignited from.

I can help you out in any of the following:-

  1. What franchise industry is currently leading
  2. Which sector you should invest in
  3. What brand you should endorse
  4. All the legal implications involved
  5. Any licensing that needs to be done, in order to avail the franchisee of the desired brand.
  6. Profiling of Investor or Brand at Franchise India.
  7. Getting you the best deal from the brands
  8. Understanding your business needs, and mapping of the brand best suited for you.
  9. Hand-holding through the entire deal
  10. Getting you the brand you always wanted for franchisee

Just pick up your phone and reach out to me at +91–9548–444–445

or You can get in touch with us at 1st Step:- Contact Us for franchise discussion or write a mail to to get personalised suggestions/help.

How much does corner house franchise cost outside Bangalore?

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