9 Aug 2014: OMG talk about an epic drama! I’m excited my book became a New York Times Bestseller this week. But amazing it happened on the same day Amazon went very public in their battle with Hachette (my publisher) and 900 authors took out a full page ad in the […]

Yay! I made to New York Times Bestseller

If you’re having a hard day, read Woman Entrepreneur Ping Fu’s story. She has had an intense journey from Chinese Exile to Inc Entrepreneur of the Year. In the last month, she sold her 3D Printing Company, Geomagic, and has now been thrown into new headwinds. “Notice that the stiffest […]

Bend don’t break

How do you make a billion dollar nest? It took Tony Fadell just 3 years to do it, and in the wake of his success will come another 1,000 millionaires. Will you be one of them? This week, Tony’s 3 year old company, Nest Labs, raised $150m at a value […]

How do you make a billion dollar nest?