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Writing skills

Syllabus: The power of writing and various phases of writing – Rules of good writing; Importance of grammar and vocabulary; Modern business language; Types of business writing: Business letters, Recruitment correspondence, Business messages, Electronic mails and Internal communication systems

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Power of Writing

•        Brings forth talking between 2 minds and business

•        Clarity increases with communication

•        Date, time and time are very important along with consistency

•        Regular mails helps business grow and build relations with customers, vendors, owners




•       Writing vs Reciting

•       My Experiments of Truth

•       Das Capital

•       Mac Beth

•       Manu Smriti, New Commandments, Grand Shib, Quaran

•       Ancient Wisdom

•       Stone Tablets

•       Signs, Alphbets

•       Who should communicate more?

–            Buyer or seller

–            Employer or Employee

–            Doctor or Patient

–            Service provider or client

–            Emails- Advantage or Disadvantage?



Successful Written Communication

•        The contested nature of reality and our interpretation of it.

•        That reaching understanding may take more time and effort.

•        That others’ views and perceptions may be as valid as our own.

•             How you view yourself.

•             How you view the other person.

•             How you believe the other person views you.

•             How the other person views himself or herself.

•             How the other person views you.

•             How the other person believes you view him or her.

5 Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence for Writing Managers

•                 Self awareness: The ability to be aware     of what you are feeling- Ex- Give time to understand projects

•                 Self-management: The ability to manage one’s emotions and impulses Ex- Work to your best

•                 Self-motivation: The ability to persist in the face of setbacks and failures Ex- Go on with the process

•                 Empathy: The ability to sense how others are feeling Ex- Enable s person having difficulty

•                 Social skills: The ability to handle the emotions of others Ex- Work with team to deliver value

3 Styles of Communication

•                 Avoidance:a conscious attempt to avoid engaging with people in the dominant group.

•                 Aggressive:sabotage supportive relationships by creating defensiveness and alienating others.

•                 Assertiveness: self-enhancing, expressive communication that takes into account both self and others needs.

Communicating Assertively

     Describe how you view the situation

     Disclose your feelings

     Identify effects

     Wait for a response

     Paraphrase the other’ response

     Ask for or suggest a solution

Influence and Compliance

•         Attempts made by communicator to influence another

•         Occurs when favors are requested

•         Involves series of attempts

•         Reward or benefits increase success of compliance

•        Refusal to comply with influence attempts

•        Resisters offer reasons or evidence to support refusal

•        Sensitive, adaptive people engage in more influence attempts

•        Address initial obstacles and offer counterarguments

Interpersonal Influence

Rational Explanation

    Influence that includes some sort of formal presentation, analysis, or proposal.

–       Subordinate must learn to tailor his or her approach to the audience he or she is attempting to influence and the objective that is sought.

–     The most frequently used type of influence that subordinates use on superiors.

Nonverbal Communication
Conveys Added Meaning

•             Metacommunication

•             Kinesic Messages

–            Visual

–            Vocal

Remember This!

     Metacommunication: message that, although not expressed in words, accompanies a message that is expressed in words.

    “Your solution is perfect”

may convey

“You are efficient,”

or “I like your work”.

Understanding Nonverbal

•              Cannot be avoided

•              Vary between people and cultures

•              May be intentional or unintentional, beneficial or harmful

•              May contradict and receive more attention than the verbal message

Listening Skills
Contents- Effective Listening, writing and expressions
What type of listening are you engaged in at this time?

•      Casual listening

•      Listening for information

•      Intensive listening

•      Empathetic listening

Poor Listening Habits

Effective Listeners . . .

•             Minimize distractions

•             Get in touch with the speaker

•             Show active involvement; do not interrupt

•             Ask reflective questions

•             Are aware of biases and filters that prevent effective listening

•             Use lag time wisely

Activity 1

•       1. When do you listen most?

•      2. When will your customer listen most?

•      3. What strategy to use enhance listening?

•      4. what are the disruptions?

Contents- Importance of grammar and vocabulary

Types of business writing: Business letters & Recruitment correspondence

Forms of Communication
and their Components

Samples of Informal and Formal Communication Styles

Five keys to effective writing

•        Put the reader first

•        Use simple words and short sentences

•        Use jargon only when necessary

•        Write with verbs and nouns

•        Format to improve readability

Grammar & Vocabulary

•       Grammar is made up of rules that allow us to organize our words and sentences into coherent, meaningful language.  In business, correct English grammar is essential in communicating effectively, in both speech and writing. Learn more about this topic from soda pdf.

•       To be effective-

•       1. The structure of English – words, phrases, clauses & sentences

•       2. Countability of nouns – equipment or equipments, damage or damages

•       3. Tenses

•       4. Match verbs to prepositions to convey the right meaning

•       5. Forming sentences

•       6. Commonly confused and misused words – revert or reply, compliment or complement

•       7. Punctuation

•       8. British and American spellings

Group Activity

1. Write 4 words to describe Indian culture and communication

2. Write 4 sentences on Importance of

•       Grammar

•       Vocabulary

For Effective Grammar usage…


•       Use a dictionary to check their grammar accuracy

•       Communicate more accurately and effectively

•       Use precise vocabulary to convey the intended meaning

•       Avoid common English errors to polish their business writing

Managers & Vocabulary

•       Improving vocabulary is key in mastering the specialized words used in business language

•       Enhancing significantly vocabulary by reading a wide variety of material related to business

•       Learning business language by playing games like crosswords and word search games.

•       Watching programs that focus on business is an excellent way to improve language skills, because the people in those programs will be using key terms frequently and correctly.

•       Learning new business terminology will not impact your communication skills until and unless these terms are used correctly in your the daily communication.

Writing Business Communication

•       Write in Group on

1. Formal communication to customers, vendors, bankers,

Society, shareholders and employees reg Environment Award won by the company and market share rise by 4%

2. Informal Communication on “Opening of the showroom in Bangalore’ and every one invited for a special sale of Jewelery and ‘ invitation to bring family and friends’

Recruitment Correspondence-Overview

•       The recruitment process

•       Application letter

•       Curriculum vitae

•       Invitation to interview

•       References

•       Offer of employment

•       Job description

•       Letter of acceptance

•       Letter of resignation

•       Testimonial (letter of recommendation)

•       Process- Various letters and documents are involved in the process of applying for a job. There are many common documents from both viewpoints – the applicant’s and the employer’s.

Home Exercise

•       To study how to make business reports

•       To study how to analyze the info on the report

•       You wish to apply for the post of “ Management Trainee in Infy. How will you apply?

•       If you are applying for an intl (MNC) position, how will you apply?

•       Write the letters and comp prepared for Q&A

Email communication & Reports
What do you think?

•       Written communication is the best comn channel of middle managers

•       Email is not reliable format of comn

•       Emails are not preferred by senior level managers

•       Global comn is well done thro Emails

•       No etiquette need to be followed for emails

•       Emails save time and effort

Rules of Email communication

       1) Do not circulate junk mail to your staff members
2) Always use the company email for company purpose
3) Do not enter unnecessary sites through company internet (Like job portals,entertainment sites etc..).Because your activities will be monitored through the server
4) Do not circulate sensitive mails into office staff.Because you can get positive and negative impression.This can lead a person to lost his job and so on(Like Violence article,videos about the community)
5)Always segregate the important mail. If u r using in outlook create folders.So that in future if u want the details from the mail
6)Take a backup copy of you email (Weekly,Monthly whichever is easy)
7)Check whether you anti virus is updated and protected.If it is not inform the server admin.
8)Even though using the office equipment u should always very cautious.(Like Usage o Internet,Telephone ,Office mobile,Stationery item,Transport).These are the things should not be misused
9)Never show and write violent and words in the mails.



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