A pictorial presentation on writing job applications

A presentation on

What is a Job Application

„A prescribed method used by prospective employer to ask exactly what they want to know

„Distinction between resume and job application: application form requires you to sign a declaration at the end

Writing an effective Job Application

„Do proper research about job role

„Make sure to have every information in hand

„Do not exceed word count

„Focus on skills and person specification while filling relevant information

„Always keep copy of application with you

„Check, Check and Re-check

Application message

„Message placed on the top of resume

„Also known as cover letter

„Seeks to arouse interest in the resume

„Introduces it

„Interprets it in terms of employer benefits

„Persuasive in nature

„Organized like a sale message

Parts in application message

„First or second paragraph- central selling feature

„Two or three paragraphs for supporting evidence

„Gain receiver’s attention

„Provide evidence for qualifications and experience

„Indirect reference to resume

„Encourage action

„Avoid using forceful statement

General Writing Guidelines

„Avoid overuse of “I”

„Avoid boastful statements

„Tailor message to employer’s need

„Provide requested information

„Communicate knowledge of company, job requirement and language of field

„Focus on strength and portray a positive attitude

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