2016 year of the monkey


What’s in store for 2016? It’s the Chinese Year of the Monkey! I was born in 1968 so I’m a Monkey, along with Elizabeth Taylor, Will Smith, Tom Hanks, Mick Jagger and Leonardo Da Vinci.

In Chinese mythology, Monkeys are metal & water creatures. Metal is connected to gold and water is connected to wisdom and danger. So this is a year of financial events and – as it’s a Red (fire) Monkey year – that means dramatic financial events (which could be positive or negative).

Ready for some big changes?

Here’s the forecast according to Astrology Club:

“A particularly auspicious time for new inventions, the Year of the Monkey is for taking risks and being rebellious, a year where agile, inventive minds, sheer guts and bravado will win out. Now is the time of courage, action, anarchy, and true devotion to even the wildest of schemes, a time to start new endeavors, for they are destined to succeed under Monkey’s influence.

A lot of global economic growth can be expected in the Year of the Monkey. Expect a lot of life changing inventions to be released.

The key to success this year is education. This is not meant as mere college or graduate school but to take up courses that matter for your everyday life not just for your career or status. Don’t be too shy to take up silly little courses at your books shop or join those financial groups to help manage your money or start up a small business. The monkey is all about being creative and innovative with what you have.

The Year of the Monkey 2016 is a good year to break free and take calculated risks as there is nothing more powerful or rewarding than following your heart’s desire. The energies are supporting these changes.

Mr. Monkey can be menacing as he can easily overthrow old conventions that no longer work. This could mean toppling of old empires or iron fisted bosses.

On the individual level, do go ahead with your life. Move forward, make strides, and stretch out for what may lay ahead. Run with ideas, embrace the inventive, and don’t look back.”

So there you have it. Have a prosperous Monkey year ahead!

Note – The beginning of the Chinese New Year is Monday Feb 8th so you’ve still got time to party before the monkeying around starts.

“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” ~ Mick Jagger

(Read more at http://astrologyclub.org/chinese-horoscope/2016-year-monkey)

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